Why use Polyethylene (High Molecular Weight PE)?

Conveyor Belt Scraper
Conveyor Change Part Scraper
Polyethylene Conveyor Scraper

Partwell Group offer a CNC machined plastics service for a vast range of industries including the food processing industry. The featured images are of a polyethylene plastic component used as a conveyor belt scraper of food-stuff on an industrial cake making machine.

Partwell have machined this part from polyethylene PE500 grade material as it is non-toxic and is fully FDA approved as safe for direct contact with food. The client found that using a high wear and abrasion resisting material such as polyethylene there was fewer blade changes, lower machine maintenance costs and less production downtime. Plastic conveyor belt scrapers remove material right down to the belt surface, recovering all carry back material.

Bespoke Conveyor Change Parts Service

All plastic components are manufactured in our Blackburn engineering factory, where Partwell have a range of CNC engineering machines. Belt scrapers can be machined to any width to suit all mechanical handling machines and in a range of colours. Other example bespoke conveyor plastic change parts include star wheel, conveyor straight, conveyor track, finger guards, guides, rails, star plates, plastic rod, wear bends, bearing housing units and much more.

Material Choice

Partwell recommended the high molecular weight polyethylene for this particular application for the reasons detailed above, we have a wide range of experience in plastics and will recommend the various grades for different applications.

Unsure if you have a machined plastic part requirement?

Why not organise a site visit? Contact our CNC engineering office directly using the contact details below. Our CNC Engineers Run the Department and Work Directly with Customers.

Partwell Group sales engineers regularly visit customer sites to establish how we can assist clients in improving production through component design, minimise downtime with longer lasting components while managing costs.

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8th January 2014, 13:50