Which Plastic Grades are Suitable for Chemical Plants?

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If you are in the chemical industry, you will know handling strong and aggressive chemical materials often requires thermoplastic (extremely chemical resistant) plastic parts. Thermoplastics offer high resistance to liquid chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis.

Plastic Components Vs Metal

Example bespoke plastic parts for chemical industries: baffle plates, tank linings, valves, pipe fittings in water systems, pipe fittings in corrosive material systems

Unlike metal parts, thermoplastic parts will not rust.

Suitable Plastic Grades

Chemical plant machined components are often machined from the following grades of plastic sheet:

  1. High density polyethylene HDPE – good low temperature working range of -50°C to +90°C, HDPE is not as rigid as polypropylene, low UV resistance, low moisture absorption.
  2. PVC – low moisture absorption, fire retardant, good strength on impact, rigid, PVC has a more restricted working temperature range, the maximum temperature being 50°C, excellent performance with high salt materials/­solutions.
  3. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene PE 1000 grade – the toughest of the polyethylene sheet plastics. PE1000 grade offers extremely good wear resistance, greater wear resistance than carbon steel, low coefficient of friction, can also be FDA approved.
  4. Polyt­et­raf­lu­oro­et­hylene PTFE – tough, moderate tensile strength and high break elongation. It is stable over a large temperature range -250°C to +250°C, PTFE has excellent chemical inertness and electrical resistance.
  5. Poly­et­he­ret­her­ketone PEEK high performance plastic – excellent chemical inertness, thermal stability, electrical resistance and anti-oxidisation. The main differentiation with PFTE is that PEEK sheet plastic has mechanical strength. PEEK has a large temperature range of -°C to +250°C.
  6. Polysulphone PSU – good mechanical strength, high frequency electrical properties, excellent resistance to acids and alkalis and radiation stability. Polysulphone PSU does not weather well.

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