When to use Water Jet as a Cutting Method

Water Jet Cutting Services

Water jet cutting machines are suitable for cutting a vast range of material types in to very simple and complicated finished components.

When is use a Water Jet Cutting Method?

  1. When cutting delicate materials

If your finished or semi-finished component is to be cut from thin or delicate materials such as felt and foam, gasket work water jetting is ideal as the purity of water will prevent any damage to the fragile material.

  1. When cutting harder materials

Not only will water jet cutting suit flimsy and fragile materials; the abrasive water cutting facility also allows the cutting of hard materials such as metals.  Even with such hard materials, abrasive water cutting is possible for even the most intricate parts.

  1. When cutting thick materials

Our water jet cutter can cut sheet materials up to 200mm in thickness.

  1. When a high tolerance is required

Cutting is very precise  with a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.

  1. When you need a fast turnaround

When compared to other engineering machines, water jet machines have an exceptionally quick set up time, our machine also operates two cutting heads at the same time for quick production cycles.

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Established in 1979, we operate a range of CNC engineering machines from the Lancashire manufacturing site. In addition to the water jet machining service, we also have 5-axis routers for 3D plastic component and lathes for the production of turned plastic parts.

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