What is the definition PE1000?

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What Does PE1000 mean?

PE1000 stands for Polyethylene 1000 grade plastic sheet material.

What does the 1000 grade stand for?

The number 1000 dictates the molecular weight grading of the polyethylene plastic sheet material. 1000 grade is classed as the Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene.

Can PE 1000 be Machined into Bespoke Plastic Parts?

Yes, North West based Partwell Group are an industrial plastic sheet stockist, but also have a range of CNC router and lathes for machining plastic parts from said plastic sheet stocks.

PE1000 grade polyethylene is the ideal material choice for wearing parts as it has the highest wear and abrasion resisting properties and is the toughest of all the polyethylene grades. It is usually the material of choice for conveyor change parts and food processing machine parts.

The featured images display a few example CNC machined plastic parts.

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25th March 2014, 17:15