What is an Apex Food Preparation Surface?

Food Board Apex Partwell
Food Board Apex with Colour Coding Rods

Apex food preparation surfaces are manufactured from a unique anti-microbial rubber compound material, which is exclusively available from Partwell Group in the UK. It is a specially blended material that boasts a number of distinctive features:

  • It will not crack, splinter or swell
  • Excellent durability, it lasts much longer than plastic or wood, in some instances up to 10 years
  • The unique material is very resilient and kind to chef knives
  • It is non-absorbent to liquids or odours, therefore perfect for fish filleting applications
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tested and certified
  • Apex contains MicroStop™ technology

What is MicroStop™?

MicroStop™ technology inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi that can cause odor, stains and product deterioration.

MicroStop™ is incorporated directly into the food preparation surface during the manufacturing process, there zero risk of it being washed off or wearing away over time.


Partwell Group stock Apex in sheet format, with the ability to supply commercial and industrial kitchen environments bespoke sized food preparation surfaces.  It is also available in standard food board sizes.

Machined Food Preparation Surfaces

The Lancashire based factory has a comprehensive machine shop; Apex can be machined into complex bespoke designs or machined with a simple gravy groove.

For a quotation on Apex contact the Sales Office on 01254 671875 or email info@­partwell.­com.

2nd April 2014, 10:41