What are High Performance Plastics?


High performance plastics have heightened properties that make them stand out compared to other grades of plastics.

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Partwell Group offer the complete package from technical assistance in choosing the right material for application, plastic sheet stock holding to CNC machining of bespoke plastic components.

Examples of High Performance Plastics

1.­      PEEK (full name Poly­et­he­ret­her­ketone)

PEEK is classed as high performance grade, as its intensified properties are excellent chemical resistance and the largest working temperature range of any engineering plastic grade of -100°C to +250°C.

PEEK also offers good strength and an anti-oxidising capacity and good radiation tolerance.

Partwell have CNC machined PEEK plastic sheet into various bespoke components, most commonly in the chemical engineering industry as seals, bushes, bearings and wear rings.  It is also popular in the food production industry as parts on or near for high temperature ovens.

2.      PSU or PSul (full name polysulphone)

PSU or PSul plastic parts will offer radiation resistance; it is also chemical resistant, food contact approved and has a large working temperature range of -40°C to +160°C, not as wide a range compared to PEEK, but still much wider than typical plastic grades.

PSU is often machined into bespoke medical components and medical devices, food processing machine parts and any other part that may require steam cleaning or sterilising when in use.

All our high performance plastics are available in sheet, rod and bespoke two and three dimensional CNC machined plastic parts.

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