Triple Layered Plastic Sheet for Creative Designs

Triple Layer Plastic Furniture

New In Triple Layered Plastic Sheet Material

Partwell Group are pleased to extend the industrial plastic sheet product range to include triple layer laminated polyethylene sheets.

The concept is simple, three layers of contrasting coloured polyethylene laminated together, ready to be CNC machined into bespoke plastic parts.

Inspiring Innovative Designs

The Partwell Group engineering department are machining this triple layered plastic sheet into many creative and innovative designs to be found in various school and playground applications. Some example products are in the featured images, ideas include router fencing panels,  signs, seating panels and climbing frame panels etc.

What Can Partwell do with Triple Layered Plastic Sheet?

Partwell Group are a Lancashire based plastic engineering specialist, using a range of CNC technology to turn plastic sheet materials into bespoke finished parts.  Using a CNC router Partwell engineers can router the top layer of coloured sheet away, making it ideal for colourful school and playground signs.

Partwell are an industrial plastic sheet stockist, holding a vast range of materials including PVC, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate and many more plastic grades.

Why Use Triple Layered Polyethylene Sheet?

Features of this high molecular weight PE Polyethylene material include:

  1. Excellent  wear resistance for product durability
  2. Exceptional impact resistant
  3. UV Resistant for outdoor applications
  4. Easy to clean, low maintenance

Got an innovative idea?

Need assistance with your design or ideas?

Then contact our engineering department, they can offer assistance on ideas, design, CAD drawings, material choice and obviously provide you with a no obligation quotation.

Contact the Engineering Office Directly…

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3rd March 2014, 9:01