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The Need to Knows of the CartoStrip Waste Stripping Machine

CartoStrip Compact

Partwell are the official UK agent for the CartoStrip™ packaging waste stripping machine, here we answer the many frequently asked questions.

What is the CartoStrip™ machine?

A hand held machine that is used to strip away waste material from stacks of die cut carton sheets. It operates using a powerful pneumatic drive belt.

Will I have to modify my dies?

This is dependent upon how much stripping rule is already on the die. A waste strip of no more than 450mm is ideal.

Will the stripper handle large waste sections?

Yes large sections pose no problems, providing that the cut is good and the notching isn’t too heavy.

What is the minimum waste strip depth the CartoStrip machine will handle?

Carton board = 8.5mm

Corrugated board = 20mm

Can I use the stripper on work coming off a hand platen?

This would depend on a good even stack, as you would need to shutter up against a guide and also have the ability to put stripping rule on the job in hand.

How long do the chains last?

The chain should last a minimum of six months providing the stripper is used correctly.

Is this a single handed or two handed operating machine?

This new machine is a two handed operation for additional safety, this is a unique feature for machines available in the UK.

How is this machine different to other machines in the market?

The teeth are safer as they are shorter and on shorter chains than some of the alternative stripping machines available in the market place.

There are no exposed pneumatics on the CartoStrip™, which can be inclined to snag and damage.

For a quotation on the new and improved CartonStrip machine please contact our sales office directly via telephone on 01254 295703 or email info@partwell.com.


30th January 2014, 15:47