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Supreme Coated Rules

Supreme Coated Rules

Supreme Steel-Rule Partwell

Supreme Steel-Rule PartwellBohler Supreme Partwell
Cutting steel rulesSupreme-coated Steel Rule Partwell
Bohler cutting rules


When it is necessary to have long production runs, the Supreme coating significantly reduces mechanical wear and tear on the cutting edge by reducing friction, and thereby considerably increasing the life of the die.  In the same way the required press force is lowered by up to 50%, which contributes significantly to extending the life of the automatic platens.  It can be supplied on any specified rule.

Supreme coating is well suited for cutting recycled cardboard, as it has a smoother, sharp edge and facilitates dust-free cutting.

Special Characteristics:

  • dust-reduced cutting
  • reduction of press force
  • reduction of friction between cutting edge and material being cut
  • substantially increased service life of the die

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