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Standard Nick Grinder

Standard Nick Grinder

Pneumatic Nick Grinder 100PSI

Pneumatic Nick Grinder 100PSIElectric-Nick-Grinder
Part number: DM0407


This is a compact and lightweight Nicking Machine (Nick Grinder) for accurate and safe nicks, suitable for both flat bed and rotary die applications.

Available as a pneumatic (100psi) or electric (choice of 110v or 240v) operation, with clear safety guards for ease of viewing the cutting area and a cutting depth regulator.  The minimum nick depth is 0.1mm and the maximum is approximately 7.0mm, the machine has a full depth controller on the side.

Accepts standard 50mm x 8mm and 50mm x 10mm round diameter nicking discs.


100psi Air Pressure Pneumatic Motor

110v Electric Motor

240v Electric Motor

Click on the PDF links above for further info and a parts list

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