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Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

Speedi Tear Steel Rule Partwell
SRP perforating rule


Speedi~Tear™  sometimes referred to as speedy tear perforating systems have been specifically developed to provide the rapid release of ‘RIP-OFF STRIPS/KNOCKOUT PANELS’ on SRP/RRP box’s.  Speedi~Tear™ has been created considering the needs of packaging designers, box makers, cutting rule suppliers, die makers to deliver an aesthetically acceptable product to any leading retailer.

Speedi~Tear™ perforating systems provide a unique balance of both accurate and clean tear lines on rapid and easy to remove panel sections, whilst maintaining box strength. It has applied scientific principles to each rule design to provide individual tooth and gap profiles to suit all corrugated flutes.

Available for application with 2pt/3pt rules for flatbed die-cutting and 4pt rules for rotary conversion, for both cross flute direction (known as XF) and with flute direction (known as WF) on retail ready packaging in all grades of corrugated material from B-Micro flute and also solid board.

View the PDF's above for further info

To Order

Simply order the correct Speedi~Tear™ configuration by quoting:

  1. The flute being used e.g. "B" (B)
  2. The direction which the Speedi~Tear™ perforating line is e.g. along the corrugated with the flute (WF) or will run along the corrugated cross the flute (XF)
  3. To order simply prefix the standard rule requirement with the above

For example Speedi~Tear™ B XF 23.80mm High 3pt Flat Bed Rule CF or Speedi~Tear™ B WF 24.60mm High 4pt Rotary Rule CF

NB: product performance can vary according to actual corrugated board specification

Speedi~Tear™ perforations can be adjusted to suit specific box requirements, with a (-10) option for 10% weaker perforating and easier to remove panels, or alternatively (+10) options provide a 10% stronger perforation for increased box strength. 

For example Speedi~Tear™ B XF (-10) 23.80mm High 3pt Rule CF

Standard Heights

Flat Bed:

23.30mm high 3pt or 2pt CF 1m lengths

23.80mm high 3pt or 2pt CF 1m lengths


23.80mm high 4pt straight pre-notched serrated edge CF 1m lengths

24.60mm high 4pt straight pre-notched serrated edge CF 1m lengths

25.15mm high 4pt straight pre-notched serrated edge CF 1m lengths 


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