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Speedi~Tear Shelf Ready Packaging Rule

PARTWELL are pleased to introduce the innovative development of Rapid Release Perforating Rules as an Conventional-Perf-v-SPEEDI~official supplier of the new Speedi~Tear™ range.

The new and exciting brands, Speedi~Tear™, Speedi~Fold™, Speedi~Flare™, Speedi~Strip™, Speedi~Tags™, Speedi~Nick™, Speedi~Break™ and Speedi~Micro™ are the ultimate steel rules for the production of efficient shelf ready packaging (SRP) & retail ready packaging (RRP).

Speedi~Tear™ perforating systems have been designed to dramatically improve the ease of box erection, maintain box strength & provide easily removable panels with exceptionally clean lines.

For professional advice on your perforating applications e-mail info@partwell.com or call +44 (0) 1254 671875.

partwell supplier of speeditear
Photography of Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

The highest standards in cosmetic perforating appearance, the perfect SRP/RRP solution. Sometimes called Speedy Tear.
Photography of Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Developed to compliment the Speedi~Tear line, to assist folding & protect 'tear out lines' for a clean & accurate folding line
Photography of Speedi~Flare Steel Rule

Speedi~Flare Steel Rule

Hybrid system specifically designed for corrigated appli­cations, uses the unique charac­te­ristics of Speedi~Tear™ & Speedi~­Folds™ in a single product
Photography of Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Developed to offer a cost effective, but high quality solution to multi out box production.
Photography of Speedi~Nick Steel Rule

Speedi~Nick Steel Rule

Developed to assist box producers around the world
Photography of Speedi~Tags Steel Rule

Speedi~Tags Steel Rule

Offers two exclusive industry first's in one rule for problematic Multi Out Designs
Photography of Speedi~Micro Steel Rule

Speedi~Micro Steel Rule

An elite range of progressive strength and conventional Micro-Perf
Photography of Speedi~Strip Steel Rule

Speedi~Strip Steel Rule

Developed predomi­nantly for flatbed application after many leading corrugated box producers asked us to improve the cosmetic appearance of existing box specifi­cations.