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Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Speedi-Folds Clean and Accurate Folding Line Partwell

Speedi-Folds Clean and Accurate Folding Line PartwellSpeedi Fold Steel Rule Partwell
SRP Perforating rule


Speedi~Folds™ perfectly complements the Speedi~Tear™ perforating system, providing substantial improvements to the box production process by assisting folding and protecting ‘tear out perforating lines’, which often burst in production.

Speedi~Folds™ works by reducing the destructive effect of strong and difficult to fold box flaps.  This provides a greater balance in strength through a unique symbiotic relationship, between the folding flaps and the perforated rip off panels, thus maximising box yields from the auto-erection process.

Another significant benefit of using Speedi~Folds™ is the ability of the folding flap to hinge ‘bi-directionally’ without cracking either of the fluted liners. Flap strength and integrity is still maintained after several folding movements, making it even easier for box contents to be added without damage. 

Speedi~Folds™ provides a quantum step forward in replacing standard folding flap systems like creasing rule and cut/crease combination rule. Crease rules rely upon critical height selection, matrix choice and make ready techniques.  

Conventional cut/crease combination rules reduce folding strength but basic selections of 3mm x 3mm, 6mm x 6mm, etc, all exhibit a uniform and inflexible 50:50 ratio of tooth and gap. Speedi~Folds™ uses innovative reverse pitch tooth and gap technology, to break down the specific flute style being used, while strength is always maintained due to the unique hinge effect it creates.

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To Order

The selection could not be easier, simply specify the rule type being replaced and the flute style being processed.

For example:

Previous                cut/crease 3pt 23.80 Flatbed Rule 3mm x 3mm

Replace with         23.80 Speedi~Folds™ “B3” 

In some 4pt rotary corrugated applications the corrugated board may be PRE-CREASED prior to die-cutting.  This process requires a slightly modified tooth profile, thus when ordering for use with rotary die-cutters on pre-creased corrugated board please add PC to your order. 

For example:

Previous                4pt 23.60 Straight Notched Rotary Rule

Replace with         Speedi~Folds™ “B6” PC

Supplied as 1 metre lengths.

N.B Product performance may vary according to actual corrugated board performance

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