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Speedi~Flare Steel Rule

Speedi~Flare Steel Rule

speedi flare Partwell
SRP Perforating rule


Speedi~Flare™ is perforation, innovation at its very best. This HYBRID system has been designed specifically for use in corrugated applications that require a more refined element of both folding and tearing functions from a single perforated line.

Speedi~Flare™ compliments our the Speedi range, by utilising the unique characteristics of both Speedi~Tear™ and Speedi~Folds™ in one single product. This provides the box designer with a complete perforation selection to cover all shelf ready packaging / retail ready packaging box designs.

We realise that the actual box design will be influenced by the die-cutting process, box erection methods, product filling techniques, packed weight of contents, transit load strength as well as meeting the requirements of the retail end-user to have an easy to tear box with a clean cosmetic finish.  For these reasons, Speedi~Flare™ has been designed with HYBRID perforations, which can be altered in small but effective increments to allow for the slightest adjustments in either FOLD strength or ease of TEAR.

This revolutionary concept allows the designer for the first time, to request the required bespoke perforation for a product that will fulfill all the needs of the box maker, brand owner and retailer.

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To Order:

Standard Speedi~Flare™ systems are readily available as alternatives to the currently used 50:50 uniform perforating rules like 2mm x 2mm, 3mm x 3mm, 6mm x 6mm, etc. These uniform perforating rules can be replaced with a standard Speedi~Flare™ by ordering as follows:

Previous perforating rule used on B Flute – 3pt 23.80 3mm x 3mm

Order Speedi~Flare™ “B3” 3pt 23.80

Supplied as 1 metre lengths.

Remember that this standard Speedi~Flare™ system is for easy replacement of the basic inflexible 50:50 perforating rules currently available to the industry. It can be easily altered through consultation to provide the perfect folding and tearing characteristics to match the specific box design criteria.

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Photography of Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Speedi~Folds Steel Rule

Developed to compliment the Speedi~Tear line, to assist folding & protect 'tear out lines' for a clean & accurate folding line
Photography of Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

The highest standards in cosmetic perforating appearance, the perfect SRP/RRP solution. Sometimes called Speedy Tear.


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