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Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Speedi-Break Steel Rule

Speedi-Break Steel RuleSpeedi-Tear-Perforating Steel Rule Partwell
SRP Perf


Speedi-Break perforating geometry has been specifically developed to offer a cost effective, but high quality solution to multi out box production. Advanced manufacturing technology developed at Speedi~Tear is utilised to provide this unique solution.

Speedi-Break follows new principles never seen before, providing an effective perforating line system which, replaces the common knife within the multi out design.

When applied it creates consistent edge finish to the corrugated board but essentially removes the need for over aggressive nicking, inconsistent nicking widths and the dangerous use of nick grinding equipment within the die room or machine area.

It also provides improved stability during production by maintaining togetherness of the board through the die cutter while achieving fast, clean and effective separation of the board, therefore improving the bundle breaking process no matter if it is applied manually of mechanically.

Speedi-Break profiles are readily available for application with 2pt/3pt rules for flatbed die-cutting and 4pt rotary conversion.

Speedi-Break selection is simple and available in our unique 5TPI emulating progressive strength format, just ask for Speedi-Break 5-35, 5-40, 5-50, 5-60, 5-80. We also provides a 4TPI and 6TPI version of our design, which are available on request.

Remember Speedi-Break should always be the same height as the cutting rule on all flatbed machine applications and approx 0.8mm lower than the cutting rule height on all rotary rule die-cutting machine applications.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01254 671875, option 1.


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