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Shelf Ready Packaging – where good design meets form and function

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) – also known as Retail Ready Packaging – is the term used to describe an outer packaging transit box that contains goods, or smaller boxes of goods, ready to be placed directly onto a retailer’s shelves or floor space.  The term also applies to smaller boxes (which are often branded) that can be opened quickly and easily without the use of cutting tools. In both instances, consumers can pick goods directly from the box.

The benefit of SRP is that goods do not have to be decanted onto the shelf and this saves time and labour as unpacking and setting up SRP is quick and easy.

In large formats, SRP is a sturdy outer transit box, strong enough to withstand the rigours of distribution, yet with design, branding and messages necessary to catch the eye of the consumer on the shop floor. Popular for the display of seasonal products, large SRP is used to display a variety of goods – from Easter eggs to summer specials to Christmas confectionery and much more – all of which are packed for easy access.  Small format SRP boxes have an easily detachable front and lid that can be simply removed prior to the box being placed on the shelf.  In both instances, customer can pick goods directly from the open box.

The development of SRP and recent improvements in packaging design have simplified the packaging and display processes for many retailers. Traditionally, outer packaging would be torn open or opened using a craft knife – both of which can impact product branding through inadvertent tear or cut damage.  With good SRP design, there is no requirement for a knife when opening the carton and this significantly reduces the chances of damage.  Key to ensuring the swift, clean opening of SRP boxes is the use of an appropriate perforation blade.

With decades of experience in the supply of die making consumables, the Partwell Group can add a series of specifically designed perforation style blades to the programmer’s CAD file during the box design process. This enables the designer to choose the most appropriate perforating blade to maintain the integrity of an SRP box in terms of strength, which is critical for transportation. It also ensures the design of an outer box that can be easily opened and placed in situ with the contents attractively displayed.

For high quality SRP, Partwell recommends the Speedi Steel Rule range of perforation blade products.  These proven steel rules perform a range of functions to assist manufacturers with SRP design. The blades have varying degrees of hold and tear strength, depending upon the substrate to be converted and the product being transported and ultimately displayed. Designed specifically for corrugated ‘B’ and ‘E’ Flute substrates, Speedi rules can also be used with some solid board substrates.

The Speedi range includes perforation products for both flat bed and rotary cutting  applications:

  • Speedi Tear– a perforated rule designed with varying degrees of tear and hold strength. Ideal for ‘tear away’ applications where an easy access opening panel can be designed into the SRP box.
  • Speedi Flare – a perforated rule designed with varying degrees of fold and tear strength. Ideal for applications where a panel needs to be initially folded during packaging and transport, and then torn away easily before being placed on the retail shelf.
  • Speedi Fold– a perforation rule designed to be used on corrugated board to easily fold corrugated box board instead of using a standard crease rule.


Products for the right substrate

When using Speedi rule products for corrugated board, Partwell have products specifically designed for ‘B’ and ‘E’ flute. ‘WF’ for use ‘With the Flute’ direction and ‘XF’ for use ‘Across the Flute’ direction.

No two ‘B’ or ‘E’ Flute materials are exactly the same, so there are a range of Speedi rules with different degrees of hold and tear strength.

In our experience, when using Speedi Tear and Flare products, we would always recommend starting with a mid-range product:

  • For ‘B’ Flute substrate start with Speedi-Tear ‘BXF’ and ‘BWF’ Speedi Flare (6) and Speedi Folds (6)
  • For ‘E’ Flute substrate start with Speedi-Tear ‘EXF’ and ‘EWF’ Speedi Flare (6) and Speedi Folds (3)


If this does not have the desired effect, we can recommend products which will give a slightly weaker or stronger ‘tear and hold’ strength.

In summary, SRP offers retailers time and labour savings in addition to quick, easy and attractive display options.  SRP benefits include:


  • Protection during transportation thanks to a strong outer box
  • Easy to open packaging with goods ready stacked
  • An aesthetically pleasing, easy access display that attracts customer attention
  • Easy identification of SRP contents for manufacturer, retailer and consumer
  • Branding and messaging opportunities
  • A sustainable packaging medium – made from a 100% recyclable substrate


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