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Serviform Rotax Plus Machine

Serviform Rotax Plus Machine



Serviform Rotax Plus Machine

The new full automatic production unit for rotary dies

The presence of a Rotax machine in the dieshop has made the difference, the diemakers who adopted Rotax in their production areas demonstrated to the market to have additional competitive advantages.

The Rotax Plus Machine will offer you:

  • Straight cut/miter-lip
  • Bridges
  • Bening mark
  • Perforating rule
  • Cut/crease rule
  • Radisused cut of creasing rule
  • Radiused cut of lasercrease

Technical Specification

Hardware IBM Compatible Windows
Steel rule thickness Serrated 4 Py. (1.42mm .056)
Steel rule height processor 19,00 ~ 38,00mm (.750"-1.378")
Steel rule height bender 19,00 ~ 32,00mm (.750"-1.378")
 Steel rule diam. processor 170,000 ~ 800,00mm (6.7"~31.5")
Steel rule diam. bender  250 ~ + ∞ (straight) - 9.8"
Power supply

240V, Single phase, 2kW 50Hz

(US market 220 VAC, Single Phase, 2 kW 60 Hz)

Air Pressure 6 bar, 87 psi

Machine body: 1800 x 1600 x 1800 mm

Coil holder trolley: 700 x 700 x 100mm 

Weight Machine body: 320 kg - Coil holder trolley 70kg

For further information, download the Rotax Plus PDF above.


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