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Serviform Rotax Machine

Serviform Rotax Machine



The SERVIFORM ROTAX machine is the most advance rotary rule processor available in the market.

The ROTAX machine will offer you:

  • Straight cut / lip
  • Bridging
  • Bending mark
  • Perforating rule
  • Cut / crease rule
  • Radiused cut of creasing rule

The SERVIFORM ROTAX machine allows the preparation of all “ready to bend” rule for the rotary dies. It can process rule 3pt and 4pt thick.  ROTAX is the first machine in the world able to process straight and radial (curved) rule. Radial rule from 6.7” to 31.58” diameter (patent pending).

All SERVIFORM equipment, including the SERVIFORM ROTAX rotary rule processor are driven by modern software based on Windows XP, the main features of this software are:

  • Ease of use
  • Perfect interface-ability with existing networks
  • Extreme flexibility

The new steel rule transport system (patent pending) guarantees unrivalled accuracy as far as the length of the pieces in concerned. The transport system automatically sets itself to the required diameter, passing one diameter to another in seconds.

All the punching operations are performed by new generation multifunction cartridges. Electrically driven and powered by a hydraulic pump, these cartridges allow for multiple operations i.e. cutting, bending, perforation etc. It is also possible to cut radiused creasing rule.

The SERVIFORM ROTAX machine can produce tailored perforation rule of cut-crease rule very easily using the user-friendly graphic programmable software.  This reduces the high stock costs for special steel rules.


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