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Serviform RotaNeXt Machine

Serviform RotaNeXt Machine




Serviform RotaNeXt Machine

The evolution of the rotary dieshop 

Rotax and Rotax Plus have been the landmarks of rotary dieshop automation. Now with RotaNeXt, Serviform have raised the bar.

The RotaNeXt Machine will offer you:

  • straight cut
  • bridges
  • lip
  • motorized perforation
  • bends on multiple diameters
  • motorized cut/crease
  • radiused creasing rule cut
  • nicks
  • LaserCrease processing
  • Evol gate holes

Technical Specification

Hardware X86 Compatible Windows
Steel rule thickness 4 Pt (1.42 mm), 5 Pt (1.775 mm) 6 Pt(2,13 mm) without bends, 4/6 Pt, 4/8 Pt
Steel rule height  20-32 mm with bends / 32-38 without bends
Accuracy ±0,01 on 200mm ±0,04 on 1000 mm
Machine Body 57,48” x 45,67” h 82,68”
Coil Holder Trolley 45,67” x 32,1” h 44,1
Machine Body Weight 750kg
Coil holder trolley weight 100kg
Compressed Air Supply 6 bar
Power Consumption 2kW
Compressed air consumption max 10 Nl/min

For further information, download the RotaNeXt PDF above.


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