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Serviform Processors & Benders

Serviform steel rule bending and processing Partwell service engineer

Partwell are the sole UK agent for Serviform®. 

We are delighted to offer the complete package from automatic die making machine sales, installations, annual service contracts, break down and repairs and technical support.

Contact matthew@partwell.com or telephone +44 1254 671875.

Photography of Serviform Idea Machine

Serviform Idea Machine

Revolu­ti­onary top of the range die making machine, it cuts, lips, bridges, broaches, bends, perfs, cut/crease and nick grinds
Photography of Serviform Eco 2.0 Machine

Serviform Eco 2.0 Machine

The evolution of the most popular die making machine, The Ecolgocia
Photography of Serviform Eco Giant Machine

Serviform Eco Giant Machine

The perfect choice for the dieshop looking for flexibility, reliability and high quality manuf­ac­turing
Photography of Serviform Eco Plus Machine

Serviform Eco Plus Machine

Eco Plus is the latest bending machine from Serviform.
Photography of Serviform UnicA EVO 355 Machine

Serviform UnicA EVO 355 Machine

The evolution of the most popular SERVIFORM all-in-1 bender
Photography of Serviform Rotax Machine

Serviform Rotax Machine

Automatic Rotary Rule Processor
Photography of Serviform Alta Machine

Serviform Alta Machine

Designed to offer the heavy duty (high rule) die maker all the advantages of automatic rule processing
Photography of Serviform Tacto Machine

Serviform Tacto Machine

To suit die makers that require almost immediate availability of male embossing tools for Braille
Photography of Serviform Curver Machine

Serviform Curver Machine

Super-quick curving of 4pt straight notched steel rule, reduce waste rule and stocking costs
Photography of Serviform Rotax Plus Machine

Serviform Rotax Plus Machine

Rotax Plus is the ideal evolution of the rotary processor
Photography of Serviform Tacto 2.0 Machine

Serviform Tacto 2.0 Machine

The Tact 2.0 provides almost immediate male embossing tools for Braille. The revolu­ti­onary machine for on demand male Brialle embossing tools
Photography of Serviform RotaNeXt Machine

Serviform RotaNeXt Machine

The future of the Rotary Dieshop