Serviform Ecologica Processing Machine Road Show

Partwell Group steel rule processing & bending machine

Partwell Group has a new Serviform Ecologica fully automatic steel rule bending and processing machine available for demonstration and trial.

This is a rare opportunity for die makers to have a demonstration of the machine and use it in their own die shop for a day free of charge. Our engineer will be on hand to show and compare the improved performance of this new machine over current older technology.

This machine can process cut, lip, notch, bend, nick, perf, cut-crease and broach all rules from 1.1/2pt to 3pt in a height range of 20.00 to 32.00mm.

Important Features:

  • Fully electrical fast punching system requiring a single phase power source - no hydraulic oil leaks
  • It has a PLC controller rather than a 2nd slave computer - this allows you to output work faster without waiting
  • It is modular so you can purchase it in basic specification and add to it later with functions such as perforating and broaching
  • It uses modern and extremely easy to use software and systems
  • Interchangeable bending head system  for a very quick change over – no more bulky bending head trolleys
  • A third of the size of old bending machine models, it uses an identical transport system to the Unica 350 EVO, but as the Ecologica is much smaller the rule travels and processes much faster.

If you are interested in a demonstration please contact Jane on 01254 295705 or info@­partwell.­com

7th November 2013, 10:23