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Rotary Creasing Rule

Rotary Creasing Rule

Rotary Cutting Steel-Rule-Partwell

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Böhler rotary creasing rules are produced using the following manufacturing technologies:

TOP 36: The executions and usability are in accordance with Böhler rotary cutting rules. Hardness of 340HV (34HRC), available in 3pt and 4pt.

HT (Hardened & Tempered): This manufacturing process ensures that rules with a smaller thickness have the necessary stability.  Hardness of 380HV (40HRC), available in 3pt.

HR (Hard Rolled): Special cold rolling technology ensures the necessary mechanical strength and stability for these creasing rules.  Hardness is a minimum of 265HV (850N/mm²), available in 4pt and 6pt.

Curved Execution:

Curved execution N1C N7C

 Curved execution NNC

For radial use curved rotary rules are required.  Böhler has developed a special stress releasing technology for curved rotary rules.  The advantage of this method is that the tension generated during the curving process is reduced without the influence of thermal treatment.  The rules are brought into a stress free state whereas the hardness is maintained within the material.  In the metallurgic sense there is therefore no difference between the axial and radial execution.

An additional advantage is the high dimensional accuracy on the cylinder.  To guarantee an optimal fit within the wooden shells the curved rules are delivered with an approximate 2% smaller inner diameter.

Executions: N1C, N2C, N7C and NNC


Straight Execution:



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