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Reverse Engineering: Teflon Parts Save Money

Reverse engineering carried out by Partwell Group can help save our clients precious time and money, often in dramatic amounts. One of our clients, a food processing company based in Lancashire, saved over £50,000 after we created bespoke plastic parts for a machine that had been discontinued by the original manufacturer, along with the necessary spare parts.

The machine incorporates Teflon (also known as PTFE) scraper blades, which required replacement. As the family-run business is small and only has the one machine, it seemed like it would have to be broken up for recycling and completely replaced, at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

The client approached Partwell Group and was asked to send our team the old scraper blades. Our specialist engineers were able to reverse engineer the components so that they could be CNC machined; this was duly completed and the finished PTFE blades were sent to the client. The blades fitted exactly and the client's machine was saved from the scrapheap.

OEM parts usually have high minimum order quantities and a long turnaround time so using our local engineering service meant that the client could purchase CNC machined parts from us in small volumes, perfect for a correspondingly small business. PTFE is easy to machine and is the ideal material for food processing applications, with good tolerance and an ability to function at extreme temperatures.

To obtain a competitive quotation for bespoke Teflon plastic parts or any other bespoke CNC engineered component please get in touch with our team. Find out more about our work here on the Partwell website.

24th June 2019, 22:51