Reverse Engineering Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

OEM is a term that can have alternative meanings depending on the industry in question. To Partwell Plastic Engineering, the term means Reverse Engineering a part that an Original Equipment Manufacturer has designed into a plastic alternative.

Industries that can benefit from Reverse Engineering OEM parts

Partwell Plastic Engineers have worked across a variety of industries converting their OEM Parts. One particular client, a manufacturer of confectionary, experienced problems with their OEM brass conveyor parts. The parts were wearing down at an expediential rate, cost too much to replace and took 6-10 weeks to manufacture.

As such, they contacted Partwell Plastic Engineering who reverse engineered the part and manufactured a cheaper alternative from an oil filled nylon within 48 hours of their enquiry.

As well as the Food manufacturer, Partwell Plastic Engineers have experience, but are not limited to supporting industries such as;

• Transport
• Bottling and canning
• Pharmaceutical and Medical
• Health and safety

Why would you choose a plastic alternative?

More often than not, our customers are no longer able to obtain parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This could be for a number of reasons; the parts may have been discontinued or the OEM is no longer trading. Sometimes, the OEM part simply takes too long to manufacture, resulting in machine downtime.

Plastic is receiving some bad press at the moment, and understandably so, but engineering plastic should not be confused with the micro plastic that is swamping our ocean life!

Engineering plastics come in a variety of forms and can withstand some aggressive use. They are quicker to manufacture and can be equally as strong, in some cases stronger than their metal counterparts.

They are more often than not less expensive than their OEM counterparts which are usually manufactured from metal. Some of Partwell Plastic Engineering customer have also benefitted from incredibly short lead time, in some cases, a part has been measured, reverse engineered, manufactured and fitted within 7 days.

If you decide to choose a plastic alternative, there are plastic materials available that will provide;

• Low friction
• Harsh environmental factors – Chemical or electrical resistance for example
• Heavy impact
• Low or high temperature resistance

For more information on Engineering Plastic, please download the guide available below

“Who you gonna call?”

It can be difficult sourcing alternatives that provide the same level of quality for a reasonable price. As such, it is recommended that you select a company that has both the experience and capability of producing a plastic alternative.

Make sure that the engineer you choose fully understands what the part is going to be used for. Ask for a site visit if the part is to be used within a production line, for example a canning or bottling facility. This will ensure that accurate measurements are taken for a perfect fit.

To speak with one of our dedicated team member about reverse engineering your OEM parts, please contact or call 01254 295707

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