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Responsible Plastic Recycling at Partwell Group

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials on the planet but one of its major qualities, that of being extremely durable and long-lasting, is also one of its major downfalls. Solving the problem of plastic waste is crucial to the health of our environment and one way to help reduce the amount is through recycling processes.

Partwell Group use the services of Preston Plastics, which is one of the first UK companies to specialise in the recycling of hard-to-process polypropylene waste. Preston Plastics recently announced heavy investment in new technology that will help even more companies like Partwell Group to responsibly recycle their plastic waste.

The multi-million-pound investment by Preston Plastics includes the purchasing of a second Intarema plastic extrusion machine. This will boost the company's plastic recycling capacity by a massive 80%, allowing them to recycle up to 11,000 tonnes of material every year.

Over the past 12 months, Preston Plastics has been putting the necessary infrastructure in place to ensure that the new Intarema machine functions correctly and to its optimum potential. This infrastructure included building a new electricity substation, laying underground cabling, installing a water cooling and recirculation system and purchasing a new plastic shredding machine.

The company has doubled the size of its yard, built new warehousing space and purchased new wagons to add to its fleet. This has increased product storage and collection facilities in order to cope with extra demand, which will be enhanced with the recruitment of four new staff.

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22nd November 2019, 7:44