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Re-Surfacing Cutting Pads

Re-Surfacing Cutting Pads

Planing / Re-Surfacing Press Board Service


Not only can we supply you with new press cutting pads / boards from our extensive stock, but we can also re-surface (plane) your old boards to make them last longer and save costs.

Press cutting pads up to 51" wide can be machined flat to look like a new press cutting board but at a fraction of the cost and prolonging the board life. 

We can also laminate press cutting pads to a plywood base, this service is recommended when the cutting board becomes too thin after planing, we will bond it to a plywood base.

Our distribution service covers the collection and delivery of the board (according to a specific distribution schedule).

Years of experience, means we know how to plane your boards to the highest standards.

To arrange a collection of your cutting boards or to inform us that you are sending your boards to us via a third party, please contact our sales office on 01254 671875 complete the form below.

See also

Photography of Cutting Pad - Natural HY78

Cutting Pad - Natural HY78

Formerly referred to as JNG. For universal use, pressed material.
Photography of Cutting Pad - Nylon

Cutting Pad - Nylon

Suitable for complex cutting work such as shirt collars, gaskets & upholstery etc
Photography of Cutting Pad - Perlamon HY-84

Cutting Pad - Perlamon HY-84

HY84 Permalon has been cast and precisely planed to excellent tolerances using a special grade polymide designed specifically for die cutting.
Product picture not available

Cutting Pad - Polyp­ro­pylene PB90

Extruded Polyp­ro­pylene (PP) for economical appli­cations. Beige colour ideal for visibility when cutting natural materials
Photography of Cutting Pad - Polypropylene PW90

Cutting Pad - Polyp­ro­pylene PW90

Extruded Polyp­ro­pylene (PP) for economical applications
Photography of Cutting Pad - TSE Grey (TS500-E)

Cutting Pad - TSE Grey (TS500-E)

Suitable for cutting textiles, foam, man-made leathers, leather, rubber, cardbord, cartons etc
Photography of Cutting Pad – Green HY71

Cutting Pad – Green HY71

Formerly referred to as SP Green.
Photography of Hand Cutting Pad - Soft Green

Hand Cutting Pad - Soft Green

Soft PVC board manufactured especially for the hand cutting industry


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