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Re-Sharpening Service

Re-Sharpening Service

Nottings Cutters c

Part number: MISC-BU2TOOLS


Not only can we supply replacement new tools for your steel cutting, lipping and notching machines, but we can also RE-SHARPEN your used tools. Re-sharpening is an economical method of increasing the effectiveness of tools and prolonging their life, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

We can offer new tools and re-sharpen used tools for most commonly used manual die making equipment, including:

  • The Partwell Series
  • Nottings ‘NOVA’ machines
  • Sandvik/Saxon machines
  • Metalwoods machines
  • and many others, please call our sales team with your enquiry

Simple Cutter Blades, Lipping Tools & Notching/Bridging Tools can be re-sharpened from just £25.00 per pair.

We can offer new Easy Bender toolsets and re-sharpen auto-machine tools, including Serviform ELS tools, Serviform UNICA tools and the Easy Bender toolset.

Call sales direct on 01254 671875 for a quotation.

We encourage customers to send all tools by special post or courier service, alternatively you may ask your local area sales representative to call in and collect, timescales permitting.

When sending tools to Partwell please ensure they are labelled with your details and a purchase order detailing the tool type and reference number.

Lead times are approximately 7 – 10 days from receipt of your tooling and purchase order.

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