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Print Finishing & Embossing

To compliment our range of creasing matrix and makeready products we also offer a complimentary range of print press room and print finishing consumables.

Photography of Make Ready Protection Plates

Make Ready Protection Plates

Part number: DM1051
To suit Bobst 102, 104 & 142 Machines
Photography of Cylinder Jackets - Die Cutting & Litho Impression

Cylinder Jackets - Die Cutting & Litho Impression

Part number: -
Standard hard, Xtra hard & Super hard to suit all machines
Photography of Quoins


Part number: DM1902
Standard aluminum quoin
Photography of Quoin Key

Quoin Key

Part number: DM1952
Photography of Tommy Bars

Tommy Bars

Part number: DM2561
Straight or curved
Photography of Plastic Furniture Sticks

Plastic Furniture Sticks

Part number: DM1801
Length: 915mm
Photography of Brushes for Printing Press

Brushes for Printing Press

Part number: -
Brush wheels, sheet steadier or “hold down” brushes & blanket wash brushes
Photography of Embossing Sheet

Embossing Sheet

Part number: -
Premium quality glass reinforced epoxy material for a super-smooth finish to emboss against
Photography of PRAGO Hart


Part number: DM3361
2 component set, for blind embossing of cardboards ranging between 200g - 500g weight, for small single metal dies
Photography of PRAGO Paste


Part number: DM3370
Convenient ready made paste for cold (blind) embossing cardboards
Photography of PRAGO Plast


Part number: DM3360
Removes time consuming preparatory work & cutting procedures when cold embossing
Photography of PRAGO Therm


Part number: DM3350
Thermop­lastic foil counter die material for quick & easy counter dies (single operation) by relief-hot foil embossing