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Polyurethane Hammers

Polyurethane Hammers

Polyurethane Hammers

Polyurethane HammersPolyurethane Hammer HeadsGreen-Polyurethane-Mallet and Rotary Die Shell
Part number: DM0016


We are very pleased to introduce our extended range of durable Polyurethane die making hammers.

Manufactured from a special hardness elastomer which offers high cohesive strength and cut resistance. This unique combination of strength and hardness will minimise chipping and cracking, and offer a very long life.

Green: Ideal for 4pt, rotary & very heavy duty applications

Our green PU hammer is suitable for the most severe die shop applications such as rotary, where the serrated rule is very aggressive.

75mm head diameter, 115mm head length


Yellow PU hammer - general purpose hammer

Our yellow die making hammer is an excellent “all-round” hammer.  Suitable for 2pt, 3pt and general purpose applications.

Click here on the PDF logo above to view the recent case study, it demonstrates how our Yellow PU hammer has very little wear after one month usage in a busy die shop that usually replaces a Rawhide Mallet every month.

62mm head diameter, 125mm head length

Red PU hammer - ideal for 2pt rule and occasional 3pt
Our Red die making hammer has the longest head length, this extra reach provides improved visibility for more accurate hitting and greater control.  It also offers improved safety for the user as your hand is further away from the rule.

44mm head diameter, 150mm head length

The durability of our coloured PU hammers means they are rapidly becoming a convenient and economical choice for die-makers worldwide.

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