Polyethylene Coloured Rod New In


Partwell Group are an industrial plastic sheet and rod stockist, with extensive plastic stocks to accommodate a diverse range of markets.

We have just received a container of European quality high molecular weight polyethylene (PE500 grade) rod material that we are able to offer at great prices.  This material can be supplied as full or part rods and as CNC turned bespoke plastic parts.

CNC Turned Plastic Parts

Polyethylene rod can be turned on the CNC lathe machine to produce bespoke plastic parts that have tapers, contours, radius’ or threads.  All components are machined specifically to customer requirements.

Conveyor Industry

The most valuable property of high molecular weight polyethylene is its abrasion resistance, therefore polyethylene turned rod shapes are very often found in high wear industrial conveyor machinery applications and as conveyor change parts. This grade of PE is fully compliant with European Commission food standards and FDA approved therefore is ideal for conveyor plants for the food, beverage, bottling and canning industry.

Bright Colour Range

As you can see from the featured image polyethylene rod is available in a range of bright colours. Components can be machined in various colours for a colour coding system if required.

CNC Engineering

Partwell Group is a CNC machining specialist of plastic parts, with a range of CNC equipment in the factory. Polyethylene rod can be converted into bespoke parts using the lathe machine, but this can also be combined with other machining capabilities for a more diverse range of shapes and profiles.

Industrial Plastic Stockist

Rod material is also available in other plastic grades such as ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, nylon, PEEK, acetal and polypropylene. The plastic specialists at Partwell offer technical advise on which grade of plastic would most suit customer applications.

Lancashire Based Engineering Office

For a quotation of polyethylene plastic rod, sheet or bespoke plastic parts please contact the CNC engineering office directly on 01254 295707 or email cnc@­partwell.­com.

10th July 2014, 13:26