PTFE is a thermoplastic, and it is a tough, flexible, non-resilient material of average tensile strength. It has great thermal properties and excellent resistance to chemicals and passage of electrical current. It is an outstanding insulator over a wide range of temperatures and frequency. The chemical resistance is so outstanding that there are no known solvents that can dissolve PTFE at room temperature. In fact, even at room temperature the surface of PTFE is only affected by molten alkali and fluorine in some cases. As well as all of the above, it is easy to clean, extremely weatherable and non-adhesive as well as being water resistant.

PTFE , also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, is the most commonly used versatile, high performance fluoropolymer. One of the most known applications it is used in is non-stick coating in kitchen cookware, so you will easily find this in some form in your kitchen. PTFE is also used as a cost-effective solution for industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical processing, industrial, and many more.


PTFE virgin grade is the only variant that is FDA approved, and as a result it can be used in high temperature areas in the food processing and service industry as insulators and bearings.


PTFE scrap cannot be incinerated, or simply put in the waste. If incinerated it will release corrosive vapours which will also damage the incineration plant itself. However, many companies have taken action to recycle all PTFE materials. It does, however, involve 2 different processes.

The first involves irradiation of the PTFE scrap, which will reduce its molecular weight. This process sees the PTFE scrap turn into micro powder which can then be used in certain applications. The second process involves pulverizing the PTFE scrap without irradiation so that it becomes reusable like virgin PTFE itself. So, in theory, it can be recycled as long as a certified company is designated to do that for you.


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