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Laser, Plastic

The new LMP CO2 Laser cutting system is now part of the Cutlite Penta family. It has been designed to meet the market demands for small-sized machines. Equipped with excellent speed and precision performance the 1515 version can represent the market entry-level system.



Laser, Plastic

To achieve high dynamics, the LTS CP plastic laser cutting machine uses a drive torque motor for the handling of the X axis movement, a hollow shaft is stiffly coupled to a rotating nut ball. The linear motor movement in the Y axis enhances the dynamic performance for faster processing.


Plus CP

Laser, Plastic

PLUS CP systems are the ideal solution for the CO2 laser cutting of PMMA & Acrylic. These machines have been specifically designed to achieve the highest performance whilst providing extraordinary cutting quality.

ElEn CO2 Laser Source 1Kw Linear Motor - The linear motors ensure excellent dynamic performance which are expressed in terms of rapid speed more than 140 m/min and acceleration of 2,2 g for the 3020

** Second Hand now in stock 
Bed Size 2000mm x 3000mm
Footprint 2750mm x 3550mm
Footprint 3300mm x 6000mm
Height 2080mm. Includes Acrylic roof on tubular steel frame and light sensor safety barriers

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Plus Five 3D

Laser, Plastic

Plus Five is an innovative 5-axis laser cutting system. The monolithic structure with on-board laser source allows it to reduce installation times to a minimum and guaranteed extreme stability of the optical alignments. The Linear motors of the X and Y axes guarantee excellent dynamic performances, combined with extremely high precision.


Metal Lasers

Fiber Bevel

Laser, Metal

Bevel cutting is the process of cutting a part with an edge that is not perpendicular to the top of the piece. It aims to increase the surface of the edge for stronger and safer welding. This Bevel cutting system has excellent cutting quality on stainless steel (up to 15mm at 45°) due to our specially set nozzles. The head on this machine is innovative for its mechanics and features with reduced overall dimensions, it keeps the technological qualities of the machine and allows rotating of 45°.


Fiber Compact 3D

Laser, Metal

The Fiber Compact is one of the newest machines for 3D Cutting. Controlled by the Alfa learning device, (a control and self-learning software) it is easy to use. Its fibre laser source allows treating metals, so its natural application is within the precision mechanical engineering industry.


Fiber LME 3015

Laser, Metal

The new LME Fiber cutting system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the fashion accessories world that has always required small sized machines which provide speed and accuracy as well as excellent performance. The LME perfectly meets the requirements and more. It is a highly versatile system that has the same cutting head and “all in one” characteristic as the bigger Fiber Plus Machine.


Fiber Plus

Laser, Metal

The Fiber Plus Laser Machine combines high performance, great structural stiffness, and high efficiency. The high performance of the Fiber Plus comes from the completely new design around the fiber laser. It does not need any optical paths, and has extremely easy installation, as well as low maintenance and provides perfect integration of each component.


Linear Cube 3D

Laser, Metal

The Linear cube is an innovative laser cutting system made up of 5 axis, including three Cartesian (X, Y, Z) and two polar (B & C). The monolithic structure features onboard laser source, which reduces installation times and guarantees the utmost balance of optical alignments. The linear motors of X & Y axis ensure excellent dynamical performances, as well as extremely high accuracy.


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