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Indoor Signage & Organisational Display


Why is plastic a good choice for Indoor signs and displays?

Plastic offers a flexible and cost-effective choice for various applications, but we are seeing it chosen more each day in place of wood or metal. This is due to its lightweight, durability, colour range and is also waterproof. In food areas, it is hygienic and easy to clean.

For all these reasons it is the ideal material for internal signs for direction, location and organisation such as shadow boards and is even used in playground features. Plastic can withstand various conditions with minimal fading, cracking or degradation. Plastic can be used to colour code specific areas or uses. They are also ideal if you are wanting to create a different shape as they can be moulded or machined to the exact specifications required in a wide array of custom colours, we have our own in-house plastic engineering team for this and an array of CNC machines to help cut and shape a variety of material.

How do I know what material I need?

You know what you want but you are unsure as to the best material to use. That is understandable given the level of choices available and the various types of plastics that are out there today.

Different plastics are best in certain environments so the best material for you really depends on its application. For example, the material used for a shadow board may differ to the material used for playground equipment as anything used outdoors requires more robust and durable material than one which is used indoors which will not see the same level of use, and weather changes. Use of colour is often important for the choice of material.

We can help you determine the best material for your sign, stand, display or playground features. By looking at your requirements and the environment your finished product will be in as this is one of the biggest factors. However, the most popular plastics in these applications are Polypropylene, which is chosen due to its scratch resistance, printability, and dimensional stability. There are other types of plastics which can also be used such as Foam PVC which is great if you are looking for something that is easily bendable, relatively firm and lightweight or to display posters or printed materials, in fact you can actually print on this material too. As mentioned, it all depends on your individual requirements and our team are happy to listen and guide you to the right choice for your business.

What can you offer us?

We have over 40 years’ experience as well as industry knowledge to help you determine which material is best. It does not stop there, our plastic engineering team are dedicated to work with you on design ideas, material recommendations, making your prototypes and machining your ideas. We can even recommend approved printing companies so you do not have to worry about anything.

There’s that typical saying of no job is to big or to small, but for us that is the case. It does not matter if you are looking for one sign or multiple you will still get the same level of expertise and support from us.

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