Plastic Sheeting: PE500 and PE1000

Partwell Group are a plastic sheet stockist, holding a vast range of plastic grades in stock ready for immediate use and supply. Polyethylene is an extensively used type of plastic sheets and is classified by a grade number, with 500 and 1000 being the most common grades. But what do these numbers mean?

PE stands for PolyEthylene and the grade number refers to its molecular weight; the higher the number, the higher the weight.


This grade of plastic, as the 'softer' of the two grades' displays good resistance to wear and abrasion and is commonly used to create components used for conveyors and chutes. As it does not blunt knives as quickly as plastic of a higher grade, PE500 is often specified for the manufacture of food chopping boards.

Many types of PE500 carry BGA and FDA approval, meaning that they can be safely used to create components that will be in contact with food and pharma­ce­uticals. The material has a very good low temperature impact strength, a low friction coefficient and is free from environmental stress cracking. Stock shapes can be produced by press sintered moulding


This grade is the toughest of the polyolefines and is classes as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a quality that makes it ten times better than carbon steel at resistint wear and abrasion. It is therefore perfect for machining bespoke wearing parts such as those used in conveyor change and food processing machines. Partwell Group, based in the northwest of the UK, have a comprehensive, modern suite of CNC routers and lathes to machine such parts.

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16th July 2019, 22:58