Plastic Parts Vs Steel Parts

Partwell Industrial Plastics

Partwell Group Industrial Plastic Components replace Steel Components

Partwell Group are specialists in CNC plastic engineering, we are seeing a trend in machined plastic components replacing traditional engineering materials such as metals.

Industrial plastics and high performance plastic grades can offer a range of benefits that are not provided by metal, including:

  • High fire resistance – PVC (polyvi­nylc­hloride) – ideal for commercial kitchen wall cladding.
  • Chemical resistance – PVC, PVDF (polyvinyl fluoride) – ideal for lining and protecting chemical tanks and acid tanks.
  • Corrosion resistance – PVDF, PEEK, nylon, polyethylene – ideal for wearing parts such as conveyor tracks, food processing machine components.
  • Impact resistance – Nylon, PEEK.
  • Electrical resistance – POM, PEI and PEEK.
  •  Abrasion resistance with low co-efficient of friction – UHMWPE Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene – ideal for conveyor wear parts
  • High tolerance machining – PC Polycarbonate and PET(P)
  • High temperature working – PEEK and PTFE high performance plastics – ideal for nuclear and aerospace applications.

Industrial plastics can also provide noise reduction, high strength to weight ratio and cost effectiveness when compared to metals.

Partwell have a state of the art machine shop that will engineer sheet plastics to bespoke customer requirements.

As a plastic stockist, Partwell Group can also supply in sheet, rod and tube format.

Contact the engineers directly by email cnc@­partwell.­com or call 01254 295707.

18th March 2013, 9:38