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Plastic Parts Research & Development - Start to Finish

Prototyping improves the success of development time, by correcting issues during the early stages of product development and preventing costly mistakes.

The Partwell team of engineers will assist you with the quick development of ideas and products – converting CAD drawings to plastic parts for a conceptual model.

Plastic Sheet Material

We offer assistance regarding sheet plastic material choice and manufacturing techniques to ensure a smooth transition from concept to completion from the Lancashire based factory.

As a plastic specialist Partwell will manufacture a client concept in the most appropriate material suit your requirements for functionality, appearance and budget.

We stock a vast range of plastic sheet and rod grades, including high density polyethylene sheet HDPE, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene UHME PE, PVC, acetal POM, PEEK, nylons, ABS, PTFE and much more.

3D Software

We have the latest CAD/CAM software for all of our CNC routers, to ensure we have compatibility with all file types and the ability to import solid models.

Software simulations on plastic part designs can identify potential problems early, this will avoid losing time on fast paced projects.

5 Axis Detail

CNC 5axis router machines make the precision cutting of complex 3D components easy. The machine head can rotate to almost any angle, reducing lead times for components with non-standard angle detail with the need to have special cutters manufactured.

Other features include:

  • Fast automatically changing head
  • Large bed size – 3500mm x 1500mm
  • Rapid speeds of up to 75 metres per minute
  • Material probes to ensure accurate measuring and precise, high tolerances

Water Jet Cutting Facilities

We now have a twin head water jet cutter machine for the rapid cutting of sheet material into high precision parts. Plastic, rubber and metal sheets can be cut on the waterjet machine using nesting techniques from CAD files for substantially less waste than other cutting methods.

Large bed size 3000mm x 1500mm

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Clients are welcome to visit our CNC engineering factory or we would be happy to arrange a site visit. Call the engineering office directly on 01254 295707 or email

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