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Brief & Solution

One of our clients had a steel platen carrier that was damaging the carried goods.
Partwell Group CNC engineered an equivalent polyethylene plastic component. Replacing the steel carrier with a polyethylene carrier meant that the tab on the plastic part was damaged as opposed to the client’s product, as you can see from the images. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE) offers good impact strength and outstanding wear and abrasion resistance; therefore the life of the product exceeded customer expectations.


Not only did the Partwell engineering department solve the main problem of damaging the goods, they also offered the client a number of extra benefits.

The steel part was expensive; therefore the client did not carry spare parts in stock, resulting in excessive downtime and change over time, this loss of production was not only expensive but affected customer service. Manufacturing in plastic was much more economical, so much so that the client now carries vast spare stocks.The CNC engineered plastic solution has also improved appearance as it will not easily dent or scratch, but more importantly it will not rust.

Our client was going through the process of reducing waste and improving corporate recycling as part of ISO 14001 compliance, plastic can be recycled up to 10 times during its lifecycle and also has a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.


The CNC Technical Sales Engineers pride themselves in working directly with clients to provide innovative solutions.  Partwell have a growing machine shop, last year we purchased a new 5-axis CNC router for the production of bespoke 3D plastic components and this summer we have purchased a Water Jet cutting machine for the cutting of plastic, steel, rubber and many other materials.

To discuss your needs please contact the plastic engineering department directly on: 01254 295707 or email

29th November 2013, 10:02