Plastic Parts Quick Features Guide

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Plastic Parts & Sheet Plastic Partwell’s Quick Features Guide

What are the most important features you need from your machined plastic parts or sheet plastic?

Low co-efficient of friction & Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Sliding/moving plastic components
  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade offers the ultimate level of wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Cast Nylon 6 will provide the above and is also good for dampening vibrations and is easier to CNC machine than extruded material.
  • Acetal POM also provides outstanding wear and abrasion resisting properties.
  • PTFE will provide the lowest level of wear resistance compared to the above materials, but it still offers a low coefficient of friction.

High level of chemical resistance

  • PVC has excellent chemical resisting properties, withstanding strong alkalis and acids.

  • Polypropylene provides excellent chemical resistance and also has good electrical properties.

  • High density polyethylene HDPE 300 grade and also resistance to ionising radiation.

  • PEEK has excellent chemical resistance, anti-oxidisation properties and fire resistance.

  • PTFE is almost chemically inert.

Suitable for contact with food

High molecular weight polyethylene HMWPE 500 grade is FDA and European food contact approval. The best quality food chopping board and butchers blocks available.

  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade.

Good electrical insulation

  • PEEK Poly­et­he­ret­her­ketone high performance plastic has very good electrical insulation, thermal stability and anti-oxidisation properties.
  • Polypropylene offers good electrical properties and is rigid with high impact strength.

Will withstand impact loads

  • Nylon 6 extruded engineering plastic is tough and good for impact loads at low tempetatures and minimising vibrations.
  • High molecular weight polyethylene PE500 grade is good for impact, but not as good as Nylon 6 extruded.

High continuous loading/creep resistance

  • All high performance plastics – PSU Polysulphone and PEEK.

Working Temperatures of over 100 degrees C

  • High performance plastics and PTFE
  • PEEK -100°C to 250°C
  • PSU -40°C to +160°C
  • PTFE will provide good continuous service temperatures of -200° to +180°C

Good results in damp conditions

  • Acetal POM has very low water absorption and good electrical resistance.

To speak to a Technical Sales Engineer about the most appropriate material for your application call 01254 295705 or email cnc@­partwell.­com

7th March 2013, 16:45