Plastic: Identifying the Material


Copolymer polypropylene – waxy feel, will whiten under areas of stress, burns easily, hard to scratch with your finger nail and floats

Homopolymer polypropylene – homopolymer is identical to copolymer polyprop but has a more translucent look and is impossible to scratch with your finger nail

HDPE 300 grade – feels slightly greasy, stiff, easy to mark the surface, floats, less swarf when cutting than higher weight polyethylene grades such as PE500 grade

HMWPE 500 grade – smoother finish than HDPE, PE500 grade cuts more cleanly than HDPE, floats and is easy to mark

Polycarbonate PC – translucent straw colour, when hit polycarbonate makes a metallic sound

PETG – translucent, flexible, dull sound, PETG is easy to mark

Acetal POM – its appearance is very glossy, clean edges and hard. Acetal also has a rather pungent scent

PTFE – feels heavy and slippery, PTFE is easy to cut

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7th February 2012, 12:13