Plastic Parts for Newspaper Production

Plastic Parts Safety Screen

The featured images are of bespoke safety screens Partwell have CNC machined to suit a newspaper production plant.  The client was looking to replace their old safety screens as they were excessively scratched, affecting visibility and had cracks which was a potential safety hazard.

In seeking to protect employees and safeguard against machine hazards the client specified that they require replacement safety screens to be produced from a tougher material than the machines were supplied with. This was not an issue for Partwell engineers, we regularly machine replacement OEM plastic parts with the challenge of modifications for improvements.

Partwell engineers recommended the machining of transparent PETG for the replacement production safety screens, PETG will provide excellent rigidity and greater durability than the original equipment manufacturer parts.

Lancashire based Partwell Group have been CNC machining bespoke plastic parts for a wide range of industries using all grades of plastic since 1979.

Need help determining the most suitable plastic grade for your application? Need component design assistance? Partwell’s sales department is run by engineers, speak to an engineer regarding your bespoke plastic part requirement by calling them directly on 01254 295707 or email your drawings to


5th September 2014, 10:55