Plastic Parts for Conveyor Systems in the Food Canning Industry

Canning Industry CNC Engineered Plastic Parts

Partwell Group was approached by a potential new client that specialises in the design and construction of industrial conveyor systems for the food canning market.

They needed to make a sliding conveyor table and required some technical input into how this could be done.  The Partwell Technical Sales Engineers worked closely with our new client and the end user in finalising the idea for the table. The client returned  to our engineering department with a CAD drawing and we CNC engineered the necessary plastic components from Polyethylene.

There are several grades of Polyethylene available, the technical team recommended the most suitable material, taking into account application, essential features and budget. The machined material was UHMW PE polyethylene regen black material.

What is UHME PE?

UHME PE is Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene PE1000 grade; the toughest of the polyolefines.  It is an industrial engineering plastic most suitable for general purpose wearing materials.

The REGEN version of PE 1000 grade, consists of partially reprocessed PE1000 grade material, making it a lower cost without sacrificing the property levels too much.

Why Polyethylene PE1000 grade Regen material?

This plastic grade exhibits the most balanced property profile of all polyethylene grades. It combines excellent wear and abrasion resistance, which is essential on any moving mechanical construction system such as a conveyor line.

Its main areas of application are mechanical construction systems such as conveyors for bottling, canning, food labelling and packaging.

Industrial Sheet Plastic Stockist

A vast range of plastic sheet materials are stocked to maintain minimal production lead times for CNC engineered bespoke components.

For a quotation on any of our engineering services please contact the CNC department directly on 01254 295707 or

Plastic parts Machining Capabilities  

  • CNC 5 Axis Routers for 3D components
  • CNC 3 Axis Routers for economical machining of 2D components
  • Lathes for turned parts

Conveyor Canning Plastic Parts

12th December 2013, 10:55