Plastic of the month: Nylon

Nylon is relatively speaking, an easily accessible material and reasonably priced given its applicational benefits. It is available with a number of additives to give it even higher performance levels.

Nylon is also a remarkably tough material that is difficult to break and tear and has brilliant abrasion resistance.

One of the reasons why Partwell love working with Nylon is because it is not damaged by oils, solvents or alcohols. Making it perfectly safe to work within a factory setting. It is also not affected by fungi or mould which makes it a perfect material to use in external applications.

Nylon now has many commercial uses, here are a few:

  • The main use for Nylon at Partwell is for machinery. It is long-lasting and a relatively cheap way to replace damaged or broken machine parts. Parts made from Nylon are mostly used in mechanisms that rotate or slide, due to its low friction.
  • Another use for Nylon is in cookware. The most common products are spoons, spatulas and forks- to name a few. They are loved by both consumer and manufacturer; because of its ability to be dyed and its gentle touch to surfaces, resulting in it being non-stick.
  • An important characteristic with Nylon is it can be produced into strong fibres. The fabric created is lightweight and silky- which is very popular in the fashion industry. Today, it is still used for parachutes because of its elastic properties and strength. Nylon is still the most common fibre to be used for textiles and it one of the strongest, most affordable and common on the market.

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