Plastic Glove Ports to be showcased at Medtec 2014


Partwell Group will have a range of polyethylene glove ports on display at Medtec 2014.

Medtec UK

14th – 15th May 2014

Olympia, London, UK

Glove Ports for Medical Devices – The Client

Our client approached the Partwell Group engineering office with a requirement for replacement plastic glove ports that to be used on the glove box area of a drug testing isolator machine.

FDA Approval

The main specification provided by the glove box manufacturer was that the glove port must be manufactured from a material that is Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved, as the clients application was within the medical testing industry for new drugs.

Partwell engineers identified that the most appropriate plastic sheet material to be CNC machined into the bespoke glove port was Polyethylene PE500 grade. This material choice is fully FDA approved and will also offer additional benefits to the glove box:

  • Durability – Polyethylene is a high wearing plastic material.
  • Machined Vents – the CNC machined vent holes divert exhausts  and act as a diffuser for the glove box operator.
  • Easy fitting – the polyethylene glove port was CNC machined so that it had an easy twist and fit function.

About Partwell

Partwell Group have been CNC machining plastics for over 30 years, using a range of technology including 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routers, lathes, Bridgeport and water jet cutting machines. As a plastic engineering specialists, Partwell CNC engineer plastic parts for all industries and applications.

Fast Production Lead Times

Partwell are an industrial plastic sheet stockist, having all grades of plastic sheet material in stock helps minimise lead times.

For a quotation on bespoke CNC machining of plastic glove ports or any other parts please contact the plastics department directly:

01254 295707



17th April 2014, 16:31