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Plastic Engineering: Our Professional Services

Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Partwell Plastic Engineering offer a comprehensive array of plastic engineering services, designed to serve an equally comprehensive array of industries. We can create plastic components in an infinite variety of shapes, styles and types: below you can discover some of the professional plastic services available.

Filtration Plastic Parts

Filtration, in which excipients are separated from a product to ensure there are no defects that could cause safety or functionality issues, is necessary in many industries from pharmaceutical to leisure. We can produce components like cogs and bridge plates in any colour, offering flexibility and ultra-high performance.

Conveyor Parts

With extensive practical experience manufacturing and supplying bespoke conveyor parts, our team is able to find a solution to any problem using engineered plastic materials and components. Commonly-produced components include chain & belt guides and wear bends & strips.

Bottling and Canning

The filling industries often require specialised parts and Partwell are quickly and easily able to meet these requirements. One of our skilled and experienced engineers will visit the site personally, gaining a valuable insight into where the part is required and how it will be used before making it to exact specifications.

Reverse Engineering

Plastic offers many advantages over metal when it comes to component parts and we offer a state-of-the-art reverse engineering process. This involves completely deconstructing the metal part in question and gaining an understanding of how it is made before reconstructing it using tough polymers that are extremely resistant to wear.

These are just some of the many plastic services available at Partwell Plastic Engineering, part of the Partwell Group. To find out more, please check out our website or get in touch with our skilled team.

25th April 2019, 9:20