Plastic Engineering: Our Modern Machinery

HAHN-KOLB-Ferranti-MK3-Laser-Cutting-Machine 2

Partwell Group is a plastic-cutting specialist, providing precision plastic parts across the spectrum of industry. To achieve the consistently-professional results that have built and cemented our impressive reputation, we utilise the most modern CNC machinery combined with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software.

Cutting complex plastic components to highly-accurate tolerances is a delicate job but our machines feature multi-axis technology to ensure the process produces components that are nothing less than perfect. The 5-axis machinery is the most versatile and powerful; with a machine head that can rotate easily to any desired angle, these machines help us to dramatically reduce lead times, even on components that have non-standard angle detail and would otherwise require the manufacture of special tools.

  • In just a single set up, five faces of a cube can be simultaneously machined
  • Though the spindle can reach speed of up to a massive 20,000 RPM, there is no vibration to interfere with the most precise machining
  • Machining through components onto MDF can be a time-consuming process but the 5-axis CNC cutting machine features twin-vacuum suction pumps that significantly speed up the finishing process
  • Collisions and errors are prevented by running solid simulations using the latest CAD/CAM software
  • To further enhance speed and efficiency, the machine has 28 separate tooling stations

To find out more about the superlative plastic engineering services provided by Partwell Group, check out our website or get in touch directly with a member of our skilled technical team.

18th April 2019, 13:45