Plastic Engineering of OEM Parts for Cake Filling Machine


A local Blackburn based client contacted the Partwell Group plastic engineering department as they had a problem with the supply of the original equipment manufacturer parts for their cake filling machine.

The replacement OEM parts needed ordering two weeks in advance, the client had an urgent requirement to replace this part on their food processing machine and the two week lead time would significantly affect production down time.

Design, CNC Machined & Delivered in 3 Days

Partwell engineers worked with the client to design, CNC machine and deliver the small production run to the customer site within three days. Within the design process, Partwell worked closely with the client to redesign aspects of the finished component for improved performance.

The bespoke component is used on a cake making machine to control the distribution of jam filling on to the cakes. The original OEM parts were for one size only, working with Partwell engineers, the client was able to have a more bespoke component. The CNC engineered version of the component was machined with thinner slots, which the client preferred as this offered greater control over the distributed product.

Partwell engineered the part from Polyethylene PE500 grade material as this is fully FDA approved for contact with food stuffs. This grade of polyethylene also lends itself to CNC engineering very well with excellent machining tolerances.

Bespoke Plastic Machining Service

Partwell offer a plastic engineering service of a wide range of plastic grades, being an industrial sheet plastic stockist and plastic specialist engineering company Partwell can offer all the technical advice required when it comes to choosing the optimum grade for customer application; whether that be high performance plastics such as Acetal or more economical grades such as Polypropylene.

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18th March 2014, 9:17