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Plastic parts prototype
Plastic Parts White ABS

A recent customer had invented a new way of circulating the heat from a domestic radiator around a room, and visited our plastic engineering factory regarding a prototype to be manufactured in the UK.  A range of methods resulted in various surface finishes and profile types, and through deliberation our customer selected their preferred method and a placed a large order quantity with Partwell.

Partwell works closely with customers aiming to resolve any manufacturing problems they might have, whether that means: finding the best method for a prototype, guaranteeing a quick turnaround time or having the capability to produce both plastic prototypes and large quantity of bespoke plastic parts to the highest standard.

The Partwell North West machine shop possess the ability to manufacture a diversity of plastic grades through a wide set of machines; in this instance the components were machined on the 3-axis CNC Router. This allowed a much quicker lead time which benefited both ourselves and the customer, as opposed to injection moulding.

The customer was much happier with how quickly we could offer the products at his specification, and this has in effect sped up the production and development of the new product. The material used for the plastic part prototype was white ABS and was selected because of its aesthetical and practical properties such as the smooth white surface finish and its tolerance to heat.

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26th November 2014, 9:51