Plastic Engineering: Improving Health & Safety

Health and safety in the workplace are of paramount importance. To a greater or lesser degree, every workplace has inherent dangers associated with it and these must be minimised as far as is practically possible. Partwell Group have helped engineering and manufacturing factories, both local and national, to minimise workplace safety risks in a number of ways.

Plastic Engineering: Improving Health & Safety

One way to improve health and safety in the workplace is to ensure that broken or malfunctioning machine parts are replaced. Our skill and experience in the field of reverse engineering allows us to quickly achieve this, using the most suitable plastic material to exactly recreate necessary parts and improve safety, as well as productivity.

We also use our comprehensive range of plastics and bespoke machining capability to produce other plastic items designed to improve health and safety in the workplace. These items include chemical defence surfaces widely used in the pharmaceutical and catering sectors, colour-coded parts and robust signage used across the spectrum of industry and commerce.

Safety screens are one of our specialities here at Partwell Group. Ofeering robust protection from potential projectile injuries, the screens can be manufactured exactly to specification, allowing them to be fitted into unique spaces and machine gaps.

Health and safety is an area that demands rapid response and that's why we guarantee to work to the shortest lead times. For more information on custom safety parts for the workplace, contact us on 01254 295707.

25th May 2019, 11:21