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Plastic Engineering: A Guide to Materials

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  • At Partwell Plastic Engineering, we specialise in a wide range of plastics.  Stocking industrial sheet material and offering a CNC Manufacturing service for simple to complex components for use across a diverse range of applications.

    Listed below are some plastic features.

    ·         “Slippy” – Low Friction, Wear Resistance (eg Conveyors and Gears)

    ·         Temperature Resistant (Low expansion)

    ·         Food Hygienic (Chopping Boards)

    ·         Coloured Coded for ID purposes

    ·         Waterproof & Fire Resistant  

    ·         Chemical & Abrasion Resistant

    ·         Conductive & Non Conductive (Anti-Static and Insulative)

    ·         UV Stabilised

    ·         Impact Resistant

    ·         Transparent (Machine Guards and Windows)

    ·         Multi-colour Laminate (Sign Making)

    ·         Recycled and Recyclable

    In essence plastics are incredibly versatile in their uses.  

    To order a plastic sample and for more information and/or guidance visit our website and Contact our team here.

16th May 2019, 9:16