Plastic Engineering: A Case Study

At Partwell Plastic Engineering, we specialise in creating bespoke plastic parts for a wide range of applications. When local e-cigarette manufacturer Alpha Omega required a unique display solution for its e-liquids, they approached us here at Partwell and we were quickly able to create the required part. The company were so satisfied with our solution that they soon got back in touch to order a further 100 display units.


Our first contact with Alpha Omega resulted in the manufacture of a CNC'd lid for a display box. The lid, which featured an intricate design, was immediately put into full use at the company premises. Representatives from Alpha Omega later got back in touch with us with the request to manufacture 100 display units, supplying us with a picture of their own design.

On seeing the picture, the Partwell team quickly realised that one part of the proposed display unit required screen printing: to carry out this part of the task, we recommended a third party company. The team then set about exactly measuring the bottles of e-liquid that were to be displayed in the unit, using these measurements to create a CAD design.

The CAD design was transferred to our modern CNC machine, which was used to manufacture the display units. Each unit was made to precise tolerances, in order to ensure that the bottles of e-liquid would fit snugly inside. Our engineers used grade 300 polyethylene to fabricate the units, as this material combined durability with the slick, smooth aesthetic required by the client.

From design to manufacture, the entire process of creating attractive, cost-effective display units to precise tolerances took the Partwell team just one week to complete. The client was extremely satisfied with the finished products, which are now being used at the Alpha Omega shop.

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28th May 2019, 16:53